Brief: Find a way forward

Find a way forward

Challenge: Our client wanted to develop a clear picture of how to expand their business. Based on the West Coast with a unique product, they had ventured once into the East Coast with near disastrous results. The business was growing fast, but there seemed no way to capture that growth and really get to the heart of what was happening.Inspite of growth, the future path seemed unclear. How do they move ahead with confidence?

Solution: We recommended a step by step process, based on an over-arching strategic plan. The plan ‘captured’ growth; where the growth was occurring, who were the customers, what was needed to get more growth. We developed a plan that fit the business (in their words, a map not a Constable); simple enough to be executed, but with a focus on the key areas of sales, digital and conventional marketing – in our words, sales-driven marketing.There were caveats for expansion to the East Coast; the expansion was divided into specific milestones and those milestones had to be achieved. Sales targets had to be met, marketing activity had to achieve certain goals and everything was reviewed and measured. It wasn’t complicated, but it was sophisticated enough to be able to see
where we were succeeding, and where we weren’t. We were able to adapt as we went.

Results: In a word, CONFIDENCE. Now our client had a road map to the future.

  • They could see that there was an end goal in mind, but there was also flexibility in the plan;
  •  Growth targets were for 250% over 3 years compound, and are on track;
  •  When we had ‘collected’ enough wins, we could go onto the next major phase of the plan. We didn’t move ahead until completion of the previous phase;
  •  Because we achieved the set goals in the first instance, there were other benefits; we produced more cash to enable us to get to the next phase without further external funding;
  •  The results suddenly became more predictable; we knew what we had to do in the next phase, and the results we could expect;
  • As a result of a plan, we are seeing natural growth occur on the East Coast, before we have moved there.

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